I reread some of my old journal entries today. It’s amazing to see how much of the self-doubt, frustration, and hatred has gone away in just a year. A year ago today, I was writing about how much I doubted my abilities, how I hated the place I was in, and how discontent I was with my life. Yet today, I picked up the pen and wrote “life’s good”.

A year isn’t a long time, it’s not a short time either. A year and a half ago I was ready to give up on this life; I’m so glad I didn’t give up. Life has been good to me. Not without pain and growth, but it’s never been as bad as it was. I’m thankful for everything that happened in my past, and I’m so excited to see what awaits.

I’m still dealing with depression with a possible side of anxiety, but no longer suicidal. I still question my ability but now I have friends who will yell at me until I realize how amazing I am. Of course, it took a lot of validation for me to believe I am actually capable of doing *something*, but hey, it’s a start.

Who knows where I’ll be a year later? All I know is I’ve made at least one person proud last year. Me 🙂

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