Heaven or Hell

He lied.

He looked me in the eye, pulled me closer, and whispered a lie. His sentences turned into words, words turned into syllables, and the syllables melted into oblivion. I awoke from the dream I was sold only to realize I am once again, alone.

That boy made magic with his lips. He performed one miracle after another and saved my life with his spells. I was a mere servant in his abyss, the cursed prey at his feet. An enchantress who lost her game with fate.

Just as the sailors longed for the sirens’ song, I begged for him. Convinced myself it was love. Said there was purpose to the pain and truth to be revealed through the suffering. I asked for his forgiveness and lurked between the two worlds. Heaven or hell, I was to follow this man down.

Serve God or the Devil but never yourself.

What will it take to save yourself?


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