What a fucking concept, the movie needed to be longer.

I don’t know what it looks like from other’s perspectives, and I don’t know if I’m ridiculous for thinking the way I do, but damn it’s like the movie tried to explain everything right and wrong with ‘the ghetto'(quoting this bc I read in some article that we should really stop labeling centers of high concentration of poverty as the ghetto as it creates an us vs them mentality and doesn’t help heal the communities at all) . You got loyalty, brotherhood, love, companionship, and commitment. But you also got desperation, poverty, violence, mental illness, and incarceration. All the love and lack of answers was so real.

Learning about it from textbooks and research articles by lofty academics who sometimes take on the role of some savior is different from I guess what can only be described as grassroot efforts. No one can empathize with the experiences of marginalized communities, only they can convey their truth. 

I love it when marginalized communities tell their truth in their own voice. It’s how it should be, but rarely how it is. 

I’ve been blessed enough to have always lived on the right side of the tracks. So, as much as I can learn about marginalized communities from books and sometimes people, I can’t speak for them, only stand with and speak with them when asked. 

That’s my problem with academia, we’re locked away in our ivory towers and so far removed from reality that many develop a martyr/savior mentality. Guess what I’m trying to say is, I need to check myself. If I ever think I’m better than anyone around me, I’ll never get anything done.

But fuck. Juice got my respect. If only academia can get rid of its ivory chains and speak to everyone the way juice can. Until then, I’ll just have to keep checking myself and ask my peers to do the same.

27/30 28/30 29/30 30/30

End of challenge, I didn’t publish a post every single day but I’ve become a lot more positive in my introspection and I’d like to think I’ve matured in my thinking these past 30 days. Maybe it’s not much growth, but it’s something. Thanks to those of you who followed along through the shitposts and all. 


Less confused. 

Growing into myself. 


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