This is me, so please accept me for who I am, and please accept me for what I do, I’m doing everything that I can, cuz all I wanna be is true

Give and take. But stay true to who you are and stay in love with what you do. It’s hard to go through life and all of its ups and downs and not lose sight of what’s truly important. As the grey area gets larger, you forget where you started and where you want to be.

I’m trying to experience as many lives as possible before I settle for a single lifestyle.

But I have to to stay true to who I am. Even as I’m chasing every high life has to offer, I have to stay true and in love with myself. Nothing else really matters. Make choices that make you happy and proud. Make choices that make you content. Make choices that only you can make because no one else in the world can be you and make those choices for you.

Shit, I was so happy today. Goofing around with my big bro and hanging out with my little. They’re two different sides of my life but I love them both so much. The best part is neither forces me to do what I don’t want and neither judges my choices. I’m blessed to have friends like them who encourage me to be real.

23/30 24/30


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