Sweet(for her)

She’s sweet. Like cotton candy on a hot summer day kind of sweet. You can taste the sweetness in your mouth, feel it on your lips, and when you’re done, the evidence clings onto your fingertips.

She’s sweet. Like roasting smores at a beach bonfire kind of sweet. You begin to know the slow fire of desire. The intricate dance of love and lust. But before you knew it, it became a wildfire that grew more destructive with every stolen kiss.

She’s sweet. Like the same 4 lines of lyrics that you can’t get out of your head kind of sweet. Familiar to the point of annoyance, repetitive past despair, but you just can’t remember how the rest of the song goes.

She’s sweet. Like the perfect human embodiment of everything that can be good in this world. Too good to be true, too good to be yours, but you’ll do everything for her even as she walks away.




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