Death and Taxes

There’s only two things you have to do in life, die and pay taxes.

How do I put this eloquently? Life scares the shit out of me. 

If my life was one big ‘choose your own adventure’ book, I’d hate to see how many pages end in death. Think about it, life can end so suddenly. I could get behind the wheels one morning and never make it back home. It’s a terrifying thought.

But what do you do with that thought? You can take it and dismiss it. Continue to live complacently and trust that as long as you don’t deviate from your routine you will be just fine. Or you can take it to the extremes and either stay indoors with a tinfoil hat or go into millions of dollars of debt in the name of sucking the marrow out of life. There are so many options.

There’s been many suggestions on how humans should live, too many probably. But is there ever a perfect answer for all individuals? I don’t think so. My version of a perfect life will definitely differ from that of others and that’s okay. Lately, I’ve been reading up on philosophy and it seems that a lot of people agree that happiness is the ultimate human pursuit. But the line between happiness and contentment is very thin and almost too fragile to poke at.

It’s so weird how I can live everyday knowing it could be my last and still do things I don’t want to. Maybe I need to learn how to live a little. After all, being perfectly comfortable with yourself is practically a death sentence for any sort of personal growth, isn’t it?



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