Class of 2015

And off we go.

Four years.

There was freshman year. A little anxious, mostly lost, trying to fit in.

There was sophomore year. Still lost, mostly confused, trying to change.

There was junior year. Kind of changed, mostly tired, trying to get through.

There was senior year. Got through, mostly together, trying to not fall apart.

Four years of growing and adapting,
four years of laughing and crying,
four years of hurting and healing,
four years of understanding and revealing,
four years of friends and family,
four years of moments.
Four years of life that passed so fleetingly but changed us so permanently.

The adults were right when they said we are young and impressionable.
We are still young. We will make an impression.

Here’s to the last four years.
Here’s to the next four years.
Here’s to the rest of our years.


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