A few things people tend to say

Often times, I hear people refer to things as “life-changing”.

For example, college is supposed to be life changing. I’m not so sure if that’s true.

A lot of my friends readily agree to that statement. I mean, it’s college! For many, it’s the first time leaving their home, and managing themselves. Of course it would change a person.

But I don’t think that should be confused with what college you attend.

I feel like there’s a common misconception that going to a good college will change your life for the better, and going to a not-so-amazing college will make things harder for you. But I honestly feel like college is what you make of it. Sure, the level of intellectual interactions may differ from school to school. But it’s about finding your own little niche. I don’t believe in ‘college’ as a life-changer.

I believe the opportunity to explore your own path in college is the life-changer.


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