To the girl who decided to trip me today

I’m not really sure what you were thinking, or if it was intentional. Or If you wanted to stop and apologize but decided against it, or you didn’t notice. Either way, the outcome is that I will be spending the remainder of my cross country season riding a bike.

I’d like to be optimistic.

If you unintentionally tripped me and now feels guilty for it, don’t worry. I understand incidents like this can happen. It was a race, it was the heat of the moment, the turn was relatively tight and we were running pretty close. Besides, I was already injured, my fall just added a bit more to the injury. It would’ve ended up like this at some point anyhow.

Now to be the pessimist.

I really hope you weren’t playing dirty. Was it really worth it? Because here’s the reality. I am a senior, this was my 3rd to last race in a school singlet. I missed out on this race and is potentially out for the rest of the season. I don’t think that fits in with the cross country spirit. We’ve all put in hard work for this race and running this race should just be proof of our work. Tripping someone to get ahead is nowhere near showing how hard you’ve worked. Sure, I was already wearing a brace and injured, but maybe I could have held my ankle together for another two weeks. Now I have a partially torn ligament, has to limp around to every class, and pray for a miracle to happen so I can somehow run my last race.

So yes, I guess in a way, I am accusing you of ruining the rest of my season for me faster than I would’ve by myself. But this is really frustrating as I can still feel pain traveling up my ankle even with it at rest. Frankly, I know you’ll probably never see this and probably can’t care less, but you made an impact on my life that will last.

If you see this, I do forgive you. But to forgive is not to forget. If it was an accident, a sorry would have been nice. If it was on purpose, bless your soul. I hope you’ll forgive yourself.


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