Smiles and Small Talks

There’s a certain beauty in being a teenager.

The little things can mean so much to you. A text replied within seconds, passing periods spent walking with each other, talking about the randomest things, laughing at the same joke. These unspectacular daily occurrences can somehow end up meaning so much.

When he smiles, you smile. When he laughs, you glance down at the floor as if that will help hide your suspiciously red cheeks. When he’s talking to you, you scour your brain searching in desperation for a witty response. It’s as if you were waiting for this one person in particular to come along so you can express who you are to someone whole-heartedly. It’s weird.

Yet, it’s beautiful. Because the first time you ever do something, is the time you’ll always remember. The first time you dare text first. The first time you dare tell him how you feel. The first time you’ve went after someone. The first time you made a conscious decision to befriend someone. I daresay it’s magical.

These are things I might hate right now. But they’re also the things I’ll end up remembering and treasuring.


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