The Antique Store- here conceals something for everyone

“Curse this damnable weather.”

“Well that’s a rather redundant statement.”

“What is this, a natural disaster designed for just me?”

“…actually, this rain applies to everyone in the area.”

“And what is this place?”

“You really did need help, didn’t you?”


“Well, let’s see what I can do.”


“Hello?” the door creaks open, a dust cloud rises from the carpeted floor as you stepped into this hole in the wall.

“Is anybody in here?” the door clamped shut behind you. Your voice bounced off the walls of this narrow alley like store. According to the rather worn out sign hanging outside this place, this was ‘The Antique Store- here conceals something for everyone’.

Suddenly, you see a blinding white light. “Hello there! I didn’t expect you to come in this early, I could have slept a little longer but that’s alright, are we ready?” a blurred figure walked toward you from what seems to be the back room portion of this place. You had to admit, that was quite an entrance.

“Um, sorry, what? Are you the shop ow….” you now realized that this figure was gliding towards you on a skateboard, not walking.

“Are we ready?” the somewhat clearer but still blurry figure interrupted flamboyantly.

“I…what??” you’re bewildered, this has to be the single most abrupt conversation you have had.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Next thing you knew you felt your feet lose ground–literally.

“Wait I didn’t say anything!”  You exclaimed as you fell through the floor of the store.

Then your hips got stuck between some sort of metallic or plastic plank.

“Oh. That simply won’t do!”

“Ouch!!” you feel as if your butt had cracked into 4 pieces.

“Welcome to your childhood playground, remember this place?”



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