100 Years

When I saw this prompt. I was instantly reminded of this song. I am currently 16, a high school senior, and caught in the awkward situation of being a year or two younger than everyone in my grade(and even those under) as well as having to complete a bunch more items than my friends for my permit test.

Strangely enough, although I’m constantly reminded of how I’m younger than my peers, I’ve never thought of age as something of concern. I treat a 5 year old with the same amount of respect I would a 35, or 95 year old. I believe age is merely a number. It does not stand for maturity or innate wisdom. I have had brilliant discussions with seven year old chess masters, and I’ve had some less than enjoyable talks with supposedly wise elders who thought holding doors open for others is an act of discrimination. With those experiences in mind, I try to hear everyone out regardless of age.

The song 100 years was interesting in the sense the young kid in the song repeats his thoughts at the end of his life. For me, that made me think of how perhaps, for some of us. Who we are and what we think don’t change with age. We stay the same on the inside, our deepest thoughts remain the same despite changes in appearances and experiences. The only thing that differs is the amount of time you have left. And really, age is just “for a moment”, it’s “the wish” that represents who you are as person.



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