San Francisco

I like San Francisco.

When my family decided to go on a road-trip from LA to SF, I was excited. Yes! A change from my mundane routine! However, several nights at motels with extremely loud neighbors and cold showers killed my joy.

Yet San Francisco made everything okay.

Driving through the streets of San Francisco is truly amazing. Gazing down the streets to the bay was not unlike stealing a glimpse of heaven. Downtown was so classic and buzzing with life while Fisherman’s Wharf had a vibe that was larger than life. It felt fantastic. Quite frankly, everything made me happy there. The whole area seemed as if it were a bonded community.

Oh and the palace of fine arts! It was absolutely gorgeous. A nice bit of serenity that somehow mixed perfectly with the city. If anything, looking up the dome of the palace was definitely my favorite part of my trip. The eternal vibe the dome gave off was remarkable.

Essentially, this entry was just a way for me to remember why I liked SF. In any case, it’s sheer awesomeness required an outlet.


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