I Miss You

I miss you Meg. I miss how we used to have sleepovers where neither of us sleep. I miss how I could just walk next door to your house and your little brother would begrudgingly open the door before I ring the doorbell. I miss our ‘late night’ conversations (did we really think 11 was late back then??). I miss watching fireworks brighten up the night sky on the fourth of July with you, and I miss the rest of the nights where we just walked and waited for the stars to come up. I really miss how we would imagine the next 15 or so years of our lives and in every single frame we conjured, I was by your side as you were by my.

We swore to be best friends until the very end. You watched me grow from 2nd grade to 7th grade, and I watched you change from 4th grade to high school. After you went to high school, we talked less…and after I moved, I saw you only once a year. That one day would always be such a great reminder of how it used to be. But Meg, you changed. I can’t find a single trace of that little girl you were when I look at you. Heck, if you walked past me today, I probably won’t even recognize you. Actually, even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to talk to you about. 

Maybe I never actually missed you. I just missed the innocent friendship we had. A friendship where we would sing our hearts out to True Friend by Hannah Montana, chalk up our entire neighborhood driveway without apology, try to learn how to skateboard with the cutest boy in the neighborhood and both fail miserably, give each other makeovers after watching Princess Diary, and daydream about going to high school, college, and perhaps even living next to each other after that. 

I miss all of it, but plans can never quite catch up with change.


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