Early Mornings

I decided to run earlier than usual today since my body clock decided that sleeping at 1am and waking up ridiculously energized at 5am is reasonable. Although I’m usually up and running by 5:40, it was different being out before the sunrise. It wasn’t really dark, but the sun wasn’t exactly beating me over the head either. I ran up to the county park, ran some more there, and decided to sit and watch the sunrise before heading home.

I haven’t watched a sunrise in a while. The last time I did was finals week during December. It wasn’t really enjoyable because I stayed up with the moon and was on my third cup of coffee when I was blinded by the sun. This time however, it was a completely different experience. I chose to stand at a perfectly secluded baseball stadium inside the park. Yes, stand. The benches were dirty and seemed rather wet from dew.

It was very bright. The morning fog reflected the sunlight and everything seemed so wonderfully crystal. It almost looked like someone put a thin, shimmery cloak over the world. The morning air was crisp and almost a bit harsh on the lungs. Looking at the wonderful world before me, a cloud of green, gold and blue, I was suddenly reminded of something only teenage girls would recall while witnessing something so breathtaking.

I remembered eyes. Green, blue, with a hint of twinkling gold. Smiling and friendly eyes that only take one look to captivate. Eyes that get me speechless every time. Eyes that entrance mine and take the rest of the world away. Eyes that make me smile and blush no matter what I’m doing. Quite a weakness of mine. I forget how to talk, write, think, and breath when I see them. Oops.

Maybe when I can think properly around those eyes I’ll be able to actually write about them. Until then, I think I’ll stick to running in the mornings and enjoying what I see for what they are. Or at least attempt to.


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